Sunday, 22 July 2012


I have been very busy and so unorganised at the same time, I made this blog to help remember all the magical things that I do from day to day. It really does help if I keep that promise to record things.

July 1st: My 17th birthday... I had a BBQ on the Saturday with several close friends. The weather was poor. My boyfriend got me a Vintage Brownie Camera and a Nobel Collection Timeturner. My parents got me jewelery and car insurance. Nicola got me a selection of beautiful things including notecards and a water bottle which was abused with Sangria later that evening. Mel gave me some 'L' plates and the remaining gave me Disney DVDs.

Sunday 7th July: I spent with Anthony, we went on a lovely walk and frolicked in fields all romantic like :D

Tuesday 17th July: Sports day at school, It was a really lovely day. It finally came out warm and my house came 5th out of 6th. Which isn't losing! and doesn't make me a terrible community captain. I was amazing at the hula hooping event they gave me 75/25 points, off the scale!

 Wednesday 18th July: My entire school walked into the town highstreet to watch the Olympic Torch pass, which was rather exciting as there were giant buses giving out free coke and a truck with a TV on the side! I can't wait for the olympics, I have tickets for the womens beach volley ball (thanks dad ;])