Saturday, 20 October 2012

Just a fangirl post...

I AM SO HAPPY. My copy of Red by Taylor Swift came by post this morning. I am in love... Thankyou! It's signed (well, it has a squiggle of Sharpie pen on it but, hey!). Last night I managed to go and eat out for £5 including travel, I am so stingy and proud...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Busy Bee

Being Community Captain has suddenly become super difficult I am spending every last minute sorting out this play. We are doing 'Toy Story' the actors are awesome it just needs polishing off with a excessive amounts of facepaint.

At the weekend Anthony came back again which makes me super happy, I spent Friday at his munching on pizza and playing Mario Kart with Natalie and her friend.

Bag- Matalan, Jumper- Debenhams
Saturday Anthony and I went shopping I got this mega cute bag that looks like a fox from Matalan. Totally inspired by Nicola who instagrammed this thing of beauty.

Bag- Matalan, Jumper- Debenhams
My boyfriend made me this gorgeous playlist which I have been listening to non-stop since he left. Now Playing: Jack Johnson- Banana Pancakes...

Bag- Matalan, Jumper- Debenhams
It has been over a month since I last saw Nicola so today we met for a Starbucks, which was magical I had missed her so much. It involved lots of sharing and a cheeky polaroid too!

Photo by Nicola.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Soooo, something awesome happened this weekend. Anthony came home early! I couldn't even make 2 weeks without seeing him, how pathetic. I ate lots of cake in 2 weeks... After getting stuck at the train station  he managed to come home in time to take me out to dinner- how lovely! Anthony always does this thing where he says he will be half an hour then rings my door bell 2 minutes later, cause he's a cutie. On Sunday we went to the cinema to watch 'Looper' which despite being confusing was a really good film! Literally just before the film started Anthony dropped a little bomb by turning to me and going "I'll see you in two weeks..." when I was meant to be seeing him in a month, which was lovely. I just exploded after the film like 'WHAAAAAAAAAT!? :D'. It was a beautiful weekend.