Monday, 27 February 2012

Friday, Saturday, Monday

Friday: Had Mel and Nicola over which is always a laugh. Took some pictures and conducted interviews which I filmed for my photography. I keep watching them back because they are really interesting. Talking about the future! We then watched HSM2 which was humorous.

Saturday: This was simply amazing I went up to London in the morning and watched Red Dog at Vue cinema, I cried it was such a sad film. We then met up with some other members of my family and had a really good meal it was like pub food but really yummy! Then the final and best event of the day was going to see Ghost the Musical at Picadilly Theatre another musical to tick off my list! It was amazing, especially the effects they were mega awesome!

Monday: Ella picked me up in the broom broom at lunch with Nic and we went for Chinese. Then I had to run back to school! YAY!

Looking plastic, In London.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Back to school today, Life is pretty amazing! I am so excited about photography at the moment. I have been so inspired recently...The exam theme is Meetings, Experiences and Encounters- Something that once evoked fear  for me. I have decided to focus mainly on the word 'Meetings' and document people that play a key role in my life. I am also considering the idea of youth and themes such as the future. Encouraging my models to consider possible meetings, experiences and encounters in later life. I plan to explore their personalities through images presented alongside text in an interview format. My teacher says that she is pleased that more of my personality is coming through in my new exam pad! I am so very excited. Yesterday I had a small photo shoot as I thought it would be appropriate to consider my own personality before discovering others. I will include some of the images.

My bedroom when messy.

Me and my decorated window.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


It's half term, I should be really happy about this but it is a little short! Monday and Tuesday I spent at Joshua's doing lots of lots of homework and film watching. We watched, Shrek 1, 2 and 3, Lion King and Valentines Day. Then Today I woke up and chilled for a bit, My parents left the house and gave me only one job. The only thing I had to do all day. Receive a parcel that required a signature. It was nearly 12.00 and I was in desperate need of a shower, I couldn't sit in my pajamas's all day. I phoned my dad to ask permission to shower, He agreed however we were both convinced that the postman would come while I couldn't hear the door. I had a lovely warm shower, scrubbed my face and washed my hair (Quickly, Of course). I then walked across the landing and saw one of those UGLY, HORRIBLE, IRRITATING, red royal mail slips by the front door. I actually could have cried. I waited up all morning and in the 20 minutes I had gone the guy came :( I then decided to walk to the Garden Centre I can't stand being in all day, It was rather a long walk I have to say however I managed to pick up a few things for my photography work. My mother picked me up from there and took me to my Aunties, She makes me laugh lots. She let me make myself a hot chocolate with a giant cup and whipped cream on top, It was so very yummy.

On the way home from there I stopped off at work to give Nicola her Valentines cookies because she is so very cute :D
More Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


I felt so much on Friday it was a bit of a roller-coaster day. To begin I had double photography, A lesson which I am still uncertain of my feelings towards. Something happened to cause one of my friends to be upset and I was angry at the person who did this and so stormed to mentor. As soon as I entered the classroom door to Mentor Period my Mentor immediately asked me if I was okay, I was shocked that my anger was so obvious. She asked me if I wanted to sit and have a moan with her, She listened well and it was exactly what I needed. During this lesson I also received my report which I was content with myself however I was concerned that my parents may not be. THEN the valentines post came, A girl walked in with some small 'Everlasting Rose' bouquets. 'There is only one for this class...' She announced. Followed by my name. I can't imagine the ugly, confused facial expression that I must of been pulling at the time! I accepted the flowers and then proceeded to read the card, 'Charlotte From Melissa'. This caused me to laugh hysterically in front of the entire class- My day had been made. The thought of Mel sending me roses from her school to mine in the Valentines post was simply hilarious!

I had been looking forward to this day ever since it had been planned, Nicola and Mel had meant to be coming over for quite some time. They are both just so funny. My Dad set up an old tele in my room especially for the occasion. We sat and watched Glee Live and well as Harry Potter Part 2 while eating stupid amounts of pizza and ice-cream on my bed. Nicola was also very helpful bringing a variety of sketchbooks and other such things which I found so very inspiring as some amazing artist links, I am so pleased and grateful!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Youth by Charlotte Judge
Youth, a photo by Charlotte Judge on Flickr.


Wednesday is often one of my favourite days! I hardly have any school and often get to see Mel. Today however, I got to see Mel, Nicola and Ella :D I had such an amazingly-awesome-super-day... Firstly Mel picked me up from school (This is becoming a trend), I absolutely love driving in her car we also have such a laugh with our loud music and continuous cursing of the surrounding motorists!!

Then we arrived in town and managed to get lost in the underground carpark and after this we managed to visit Starbucks, a Wednesday tradition of my own. Mel treated me to a drink as she owes me.. However she ordered me a VENTI. Which is extra large- just imagine the calories. Here I met Nicola and Ella also. It was a rather busy day and after drinking we moved on to try out the new Nando's, I have never been to Nando's before- EVER. It's scrumptious (and spicy, apparently).

We were still not satisfied so we then continued to go bowling, I like buying parking tickets it makes me feel special. I have kept one from today it's yellow and pretty! I came third, out of four that is rather depressing... I was more content with taking lots of pictures of our beautiful faces!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Sunday is officially the worst day of the week, The idea of doing nothing drives me completely insane! I haven't really been out properly I have had far too much to do, Photography coursework is very important I would really like to get an A in it (All of my subjects to be honest) I need to stay motivated by my uni dreams. I am listening to Hairspray which never fails to bring me joy I am feeling happy although the way I am sitting to do my work is doing very little for my posture, Nor helping my feet because they have gone numb. Today has seen lots of snow which is pleasant in small doses but highly distracting when I have a mountain of work to do.. But so is blogger for that matter. I have found some interesting Photography blogs to stalk... I have kinda vowed to myself not to straighten my hair for a while as I am damaging it enough with the dye, Although it will be frizzy and fez looking! Oh well I LOVE the colour. Things are exciting Daddy said that when Mel and Nicola come over he can set up a telly in my bedroom so we can watch movies and stuff like Harry Potter! Today he was uber nice we managed to clear the hill of snow so he went out and got me sweets to help me with my work :P All this schoolwork makes me gain weight by eating crap! Just re-read this this is what is going on in my mind, Just skipping from thought to thought- It's funny.

I am currently: Looking up about Vermeer...
Casually pimped my background!

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Today I had work... I love work, This Saturday was no different. Well.. Actually to begin I was waiting outside the backdoor for almost 15 minutes in -4 degrees and wearing nothing but my uniform. Then I came home and my mother dyed my hair because I got it cut yesterday and it revealed some very patchy dye. So we fixed that :D Then I went out for tea at the local pub with my family friends it was rather funny as always. THEN (the best part) It actually started to snow rather heavily and we have just walked home through the woods in it!! :)

My new hair and top from bluewater!

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Writing to my best friend in Prague, Postcard on the left! Isn't it beautiful? As well as small letter sized gift on the right, a sweet little notepad :) It requires lots of skill and small writing to explain my life on the back of a piece of A5 paper... So much to say, I miss her greatly :D Just got home from Bluewater with Mum as I had 2 free periods this afternoon. I managed to buy some lovely shorts and a top from River Island and some nice leather shoes in Urban Outfitters for just £9, bargain!