Monday, 19 November 2012


 I love eBay, if anyone has any bargains they want to let me know about; It would be the best thing ever!

As I have been out of a job for over three months now I have been desperately finding ways to make money, So I decided to sell all my old clothes on eBay, which proved to be very easy! I then splashed out a little on ASOS... I convinced myself that this unnecessary expenditure is 'recycling' as I used the money I made from my clothes to buy new ones! I got a gorgeous daisy print dress for £10 in the ASOS sale, I love floral prints so much, to buy this was a no brainer. Then I proceeded to add a arran cardigan to my basket for an extra £35. I have issues with shopping online as I can rarely ever bare to part with my money, It always seems easier when you can redeem student discount. They had 25% off which meant my basket was reduced to £33! 

    I spend a lot of time reading blogs and I am an eager follower of 'Chelsea Jade Loves' and when I saw that she had an inflatable rucksack I simply couldn't resist. Earlier that week I had seen 'Made in Chelsea's' Rosie Fortesque tweet out about the Klear Klutch which inspired me to get the clear inflatable rucksack, which was an eBay bargain at just £3.50!

Last Thursday I took my driving test and PASSED FIRST TIME! I have caught the driving bug and I have been wanting to drive everywhere! I hope to go somewhere exciting at the weekend with Anthony as we have been together for a beautiful seven months now. On Sunday I went to go out in the car and I saw a lovely yellow envelope addressed to me poking out the letter box, I opened it to find an amazing Congratulations card from Anthony's family. It made me very smiley!

Saturday, 3 November 2012


I have never been so involved in Halloween until this year. I managed to get some work with my friends being 'Halloween Actors' at our local 'Fright Night' which literally meant being paid to dress up and scare people. It was soooo cold and muddy but absolutely hilarious! I was completely dressed in black and I sat in the shadows behind a fence post and screamed at random passersby.

Fright Night Faces
Last night I went to a charity Halloween party dressed as Lady Gaga from the 'Telephone' video although I was slightly less exposed. I had the girls over before for pre-drinks which was a giggle as we danced to 'Gangnam Style'. This on reflection was probably a terrible idea.

Katy Perry (Fran) and Lady Gaga (Myself)