Saturday, 31 March 2012


Nicola at our Picnic
First day of the Easter holidays! No chance of a lie in... I had work at nine but I don't mind- I love being there! The weather has suddenly taken a terrible step backwards and it has become colder. On Thursday I had a social burst and it was brilliant I walked into town to meet Nicola which I needed as I wasn't having a good day at school she was very happy :-) We stocked up on food then got picked up in the Mellymobile and went to a field and sat down. It was so amusing as Mel was dressed in her PJs from school... Standard.
Timi, Me and Casey- Muse Awards 2012
 Thursday evening I was photographing the Muse Awards at school which is where they award people for outstanding achievements in Art subjects for a variety of categories. It was a lovely well organised night!

Monday, 26 March 2012


I am shockingly happy for a Monday, It is so lovely and sunny today! I had a Chemistry mock today, It didn't go that well.. There were around 20 marks on something that I didn't revise. I did loads of revision sheets though.. Then I had a Biology retake paper thing but I wasn't too worried I was retaking to try and improve my 'A' grade anyway. I finished really early so I got to leave and have an early lunch out in the sun on comfy common room chairs...
Jo and I sunning ourselves.
 Home life has been really good too! Mum has been doing lots of baking and my parents have commented recently on how I have been really mature and happy all the nice, Which is really nice to hear!
On Saturday I had Mel's 18th Birthday meal, which was so very lovely. Mel's friends are all really nice and absolutely hilarious. I sat next to Nicola, and opposite Anthony from work it was a giggle. I managed to eat a main meal and dessert for £8 what a bargain! Everyone was talking and giggling and I got to wear my new dress. Nicola, Ella and I got Mel a Build-a-bear for her 18th and we made it look like her! I had work on Sunday and I left Nicola some nice home made biscuits for her to find on Monday morning! <3
Nicola, Mel, Mini Mel, Me

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Left: Sarita's Right: Nicola's
It's Saturday and cold and raining but I am in an amazing mood! Today was green day at work and green is my favorite colour... I woke up at 6.30 as I thought it was 7.30 at least I made an effort and straightened my hair. Nicola looked so beautiful in her green dress :D My Mum and Grandad picked me up from work and took me to lunch which made me very happy! I have only just returned home to discover that I have two bits of post. This has made me smile so so so so so so so so so much! One of which was from Nicola which was a beautiful elephant postcard filled with lots of pretty writing! The second was from Sarita who wrote to me about the Indian festival of 'Holi' which is all to do with colour. People get together in the street and get covered in a variety of colours due to lots of different dyes! It sounds amazing!

106 days until I am 17, 60 days until my first exam, 29 days until Harry Potter Tour.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Feeling Bad

Feeling a bit down today, Last night I went to bed at 9.30 which is amazingly early for me. I began to revise maths as I am really struggling at the moment then retired to bed. I woke up with a terrible sore throat so I slouched around school with my hair off my face in an over sized woolly jumper. I then had a double lesson of photography which didn't compliment my negative attitude. Photography has been getting me down at the moment, I really thought it would make me happy as it is something I really enjoyed but school makes it seem so forced- almost a chore. I don't want to lose my love for the hobby so I have decided not to continue next year as I also dislike studying it at my current school. I am so embarrassed to show my work to the teachers and it is always hard to take negative feedback on some you admire and took you hours to achieve... Especially when it takes me a long time to come up with photo shoot ideas my mind isn't creative. I believe I have more of a scientific brain, perhaps? Although recently I have began to create mind map sketches of my ideas. Mel came over which cheered me up we sat and watched Hairspray with a tub of icecream. I also took my neighbour shopping where I work which was amusing. It isn't really a very enjoyable place for me to shop though!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Happy Pi Day.

Today is 'Pi Day' As it is the 3rd month and 14th day (3.14). So I entered a 'Pie Eating Competition' at school. It is actually something I have always wanted to do just to say I have done it. I didn't win but it was amusing I managed to get apple pie everywhere at one point it sealed my eyes closed. You weren't allowed to use your hands, only your mouth. However someone finished before me so I finished the rest with my hands. Here is a picture:

Also recently I have got into drawing to explain my ideas well! I have composed a 'Book of uselessness' where I have stuck tickets and other such things that I have kept. Even parking ones from days with my friends! I have also sketched a pretty mind map with photography ideas. I got feedback for my coursework today- It's always a kick in the teeth. I am embarrassed to show the teachers my work always because it makes me question if I can identify a good photograph. As often they highlight the lack of high quality outcomes that I produce. The teacher mentions that my confidence was knocked at points in my pad. In reality it has been knocked a lot in general. So I have decided to drop it next year and hope that I can rekindle my love for my camera as a hobby rather than a chore.

Some old work.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


On Friday I found out that I am officially Community (House) Captain and I am so pleased and excited. Fridays are becoming vital social days. I have seen Nicola three Friday's in a row and Ella joined in this time too! They came over and we chilled over Glee and ended up taking pictures with amusing hairstyles they make me laugh soooo much! Nicola has such a steady hand.

Saturday I went to Kayleigh's new house for a housewarming sleepover with Sarita, Jess, Vicki and Chloe. This was funny we made a music video to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Which involved me dressing up as a man with facial hair and a six pack drawn in black pen. However the six pack hasn't rubbed off still which is awkward! Sunday morning was also amusing there were an interesting pair of knickers found next to Kayleigh's bed that apparently belonged to nobody. They were size 12 and from Tesco they were grey with a pink bow and a giant hole in the back. The identification process involved smelling them, How terrible. The things my friends and I get up to. Thank god the undies were clean!

Thursday, 8 March 2012


I love having a busy day to day life it gives a massive rush, and I am always so happy. There is nothing I like better than seeing my friends and going out spontaneously. I look forward to nothing better. Yesterday didn't let me down... I finish school really early on Wednesday and it is a mission every week to occupy the time. This Wednesday I made plans with Nicola and Ella! After a long and humorous phone call with Nic Ella came to pick me up from school and we decided to all go to satisfy our hunger for Wagamama... It was raining but I was wrapped up in my little yellow Fisherman's raincoat. We munched out immediately and walked around lots until we settled in Cafe Nero. Before this we managed to buy Mel's 18th birthday present. I really want to explain it on here however I must fight this urge for fear of her stalking this post.
Photo from Ella's iPhone.
We then decided we had better be leaving after around 4 hours and after paying a massive parking price we got comfy in the car ready to leave home! Ella's car thought it would be hilarious not to start. For half an hour. Nicola and I attempted to push it around the car park, Which I have to admit we became rather good at however this was not an ideal way to get home. We then tried again without much luck until finally it just happened... So we continued home! I manged to spend £50 half of which was on 2 new jumpers!
Here is one of my jumpers.

Today is now Thursday and it is results day for my AS modular exams. I was beginning to get worried so I couldn't eat breakfast. They come in these horrible envelopes that are brown and fishy-smelling and they are all lined up on tables in alphabetical order. I soon found mine and stood holding for a while scared of what it might reveal about my balance of work and play. I managed to get an A in Biology and a B in Chemistry I am really pleased as I was expecting the worst however I feel I could improve a little more in chemistry. However getting an A in a subject I want to continue in further education is truly brilliant! I managed to clear a backlog of things I needed to post today by visiting the post office and using the cool stamp machine thing. Aneta should be expecting a valentines letter a little late! I then quickly found Ella and Mel in Starbucks for a ten minute catch up, Ella did well too in results!! Now I have returned home to catch up with photography work.

Busy, Busy, Busy, Happy, Happy, Happy.

Friday, 2 March 2012


Finally Friday, Good week! On monday I had to deliver my house captain speech I was so nervous! As soon as I got up there it was fine although I was scared of talking too fast. People liked it though so I am pleased. On Thursday I met Anthony at the library and did some Maths work which was really really helpful, Then we munched out on Magnums (Iceland's Own). Today was good I found out the prefect results for my house! Tonight I am planning to go out with friends, I really want to hear more about Ella's Thailand trip, She is so lucky to go travelling. After this week I am feeling rather tired I have had 3 mini tests in the last part of the week. I am working from 9-5 tomorrow, I am pleased I have more hours this means that I can save to buy festival tickets me me and my friend from Prague- Aneta! We went to this mini festival for a day last year it was really enjoyable hopefully this year we can stay for the entire weekend!

Aneta and I last year :)