Thursday, 23 August 2012


I stayed with my best friend Aneta and we did lots of magical things including meeting up with some of my school friends who were holidaying...
Dan, Aneta, Myself and Josh and the John Lennon wall.

Eating Absinth icecream!

 We also visited this fountain which dances to the music of Lady Gaga and Adele...
I 'tried' to eat a burger the size of my face in the biggest Hard Rock Cafe I have ever seen. 
 Also attempted clubbing which was very fun! This was a 5-story club.
Me on the 'Oldies' dancefloor, I need a bit of ABBA in my life...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I have the loveliest boyfriend ever. Yesterday we met at Starbucks at 10.30 in the morning, which seemed really early for the summer holidays. He lead me around the town walking in to different shops and pointing at random items telling me they were clues for our trip today. The clues included:
  • Werther's Originals Sweets
  • Olympic Posters
  • A book about coastal travels
  • A train magazine 
  • Water
We then continued to walk to the train station, where he placed me in front of the electronic ticket machine. I had to guess the destination of out surprise trip. I was certain of my answer so I proceeded to type 'E... A-S-T-B-O-U-R-N-E'. I was so excited, Anthony was taking me to Eastbourne to watch the Olympic Swimming on the giant screen in Prince's Park.

When we arrived we visited the Pier where we wasted endless amount of money on the 2p machines to win small plastic toys... We then enjoyed sausage and chips on the beach! We walked to Prince's Park and watched the Canoeing on the big screen which was rather tense.

It was a lovely day, Thankyou Anthony <3

Oscar's Blessing

On Monday I went to a blessing of a family friend Oscar, who is now 1 which was lovely as we were part of a very select group of friends and family (around 20). It was in the local village church which is filled with history. I was asked to photograph the ceremony by the parents, Louise and Kirk which was very exciting! The blessing was rather short with just a few prayers. I love getting dressed up formally to go out so I spent 3 hours in the morning getting ready, I have no idea what took so long as I don't even wear makeup!?

Ready to go.
After the service we returned to the family home for drinks and snacks. Paige is daughter of Louise and Kirk and is 3 and such a sweetie. They have a huge garden where we could play swingball, cricket and go on the swings. The cakes were wonderful!