Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Monday: On Monday I met Nicola in town for a Starbucks and we chatted and watched the world go by, it was so lovely. We then moved the party down the highstreet and grabbed a McFlurry and enjoyed it in the sun. Tuesday: Yesterday I had an early start with Mel picking me up at 6.30am, We were off to see the Xfactor auditions which was really exciting. Mel drove up in her car with Aaron, Callum and I and we listened to the Camp Songs CD really loud. It was such an amazing day we got there early and had tickets just 5 rows away from the floor seating. The judges, Tulisa, Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow and Rita Ora were just metres away!! The majority of the acts were absolutely amazing there were only 3 terrible ones! Before leaving the O2 I made the most of the half price Frappe's at Starbucks by buying 2 venti drinks! 

Guilt free pleasure

'My worst nightmare' was my last exam and since then I have been having fun without having to worry about revision or any kind of school work. It feels amazing. On Friday I had school friends over in the day and work friends over in the evening, It has been ridiculously hot. When Nicola, Ella and Mel came over we had dinner and then walked to Waitrose via the woods near my house to buy sticky toffee pudding. It was a fun little adventure!! Saturday was also action packed as I went to my hometown to go swimming with Anthony, where there is this amazing outside pool!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

My worst nightmare

Yesterday was Wednesday and my mother went to see Westlife at the O2 and Dad went to watch a film, leaving Sammy and I on our own! As soon as they left we had Nicki Minaj on full blast and a pizza in the oven. We then sat down with a milkshake and watched 'Grown Ups', I stayed up late knowing that I could have a lie in before my exam at 1.30... I couldn't sleep because the weather has been so hot for the last 2 days! The first thing I woke up to was the house phone ringing, Who would be ringing at 9am? Only the examinations officer and my school telling my mother that my C2 Maths exam has just begun and I am not there... I have never left bed quicker in my life. I didn't eat or shower or anything... Literally grabbed my calculator and pen and ran to the car and managed to get to school 7 minutes later. Not cool. I ran to the Gym in my flip flops and got to my seat which was right at the front and started 15 minutes after everyone else. I opened the first page sitting like a zombie with my eyes partially stuck together from my hayfever to find it was a binomial expansion... However I was pleased that I had the rest of the day free! I went to the beach with Anthony and his friends which was simply hilarious we sat in the dunes with a BBQ and went in the sea :D
Revision notes on the kitchen window :)

Sammy and I- Watching a film
Cheeky sand dune..

Monday, 14 May 2012

Day One: Study Leave

Today is the first official day of study leave. I have never been so bored and lonely at home on my own. I have been studying Maths all day. I was so lonely I was tempted to ask a door to door sales man to join me for lunch... Last night something went down in my house and tempers were high, Me especially. Exams are stressing me out, I need to eat more fruit (not sure how that will help...) I phoned Mel and she helped me escape by driving me to Sainbug's carpark for a chat which made me feel 8,000 times better!! I ordered my provisional driving licence today as it is 48 days until my 17th which is something very exciting. Another thing that has raised my spirits is the fact that my parents said I could have a party if I get at least AAB in my exams! This has driven me to try hard however I am finding it very tricky to stay motivated. I've been drinking lots of fizzy and Haribo. On Friday night Anthony came over and we made a fort! Well, I made a fort. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I used lots of duvets, pillows and blankets it got really hot after a while. We giggled lots because Anthony kept saying 'in the fort' after everything. We had a bit of Adele 'in the fort' and Glee 'in the fort'. Saturday night I saw Cassie for the first time in over 2 months, this was very nice we watched the BGT final!!

48 days- Birthday, 15 days- X Factor, 10 days- Exams over!

Special guy having the fort built around him.

Mickey, Anthony and I in the fort.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bad times.

My first exam is in six days. Just six. That is less than a week. I've been losing sleep worrying... I went down stairs in my PJs in the early hours to find Dad still working away downstairs we sat and chatted he got his diary out and we scheduled revision days. He knows how to put my mind at rest. My first 2 exams are on the same day at the same time, Could really do with a working Timeturner right now... I just have to sit the Maths Core paper then the Mechanics paper one after the other. A lovely 3 hours of maths in one go, Always pleasant. Also year 11 muckup day is the same day as my first 2 exams, I hope they aren't too noisy. I miss my friends, my school friends. It makes me sad that I always turn down an opportunity to go out, Which is my fault I guess... After exams I hope to have a Jubilee BBQ and we can all catch up! My bunny watch came in the post today!
Things coming up soon: XFactor Live Auditions, Lounge in the Paddock, Jubilee BBQ...

MONDAY- Revising Mechanics with Anthony

Friday, 4 May 2012

So much to say.

I reread my last blog post and I hadn't posted any of the actual Harry pictures because I didn't want to ruin it for Nicola. Now she has been I can spill the beans. Upon arrival at Leavesden studios I sat in the car for 10 whole minutes having a major geekgasm before skipping to the entrance. MY MIND WAS INSTANTLY BLOWN. The feeling I experienced when entering the Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter is how I imagine Harry felt when walking down Diagon Alley for the first time. The gift shop window was simply magical with robes and an array of sweets on display. My pay cheque was burning a giant hole in my pocket. I splashed out £25 on a Ravenclaw scarf and I also got a Time Turner keyring... 

Then it was Nicolas birthday which was mega-wicked-super-awesome I had to bed people to cover my shift as I was meant to be working that night, But an absolute angel in the shape of Rachael agreed to do it!