Monday, 3 September 2012

hmmmm so much going through my mind, I am going to distract myself by writing about my holiday.

Forest fun with Nicola and Ella

I spent 6 days in the New Forest with 2 of my best friends and it was simply magical... We watched scary films in our little shack and explored many tearooms.


Excited about Stonehenge

Exploring our town :D

The most beautiful tearoom- EVER!

9 mile bikeride around the countryside...


These came in our shack!

Pretty window decor!

Our flat :)
Being back home is actually rather depressing, I have to admit! I miss waking up to company and going on adventures. I have left my job now and I am looking forward to spending weekends with my friends like I should have been doing before despite only being allowed out 1 day each weekend :D


  1. It look like you had a lovely time, the bike ride around the countryside sounds exceptionally beautiful! I love your blog and am now following!

  2. I like the coy little "are you looking at my butt" picture. Very cute.