Monday, 19 November 2012


 I love eBay, if anyone has any bargains they want to let me know about; It would be the best thing ever!

As I have been out of a job for over three months now I have been desperately finding ways to make money, So I decided to sell all my old clothes on eBay, which proved to be very easy! I then splashed out a little on ASOS... I convinced myself that this unnecessary expenditure is 'recycling' as I used the money I made from my clothes to buy new ones! I got a gorgeous daisy print dress for £10 in the ASOS sale, I love floral prints so much, to buy this was a no brainer. Then I proceeded to add a arran cardigan to my basket for an extra £35. I have issues with shopping online as I can rarely ever bare to part with my money, It always seems easier when you can redeem student discount. They had 25% off which meant my basket was reduced to £33! 

    I spend a lot of time reading blogs and I am an eager follower of 'Chelsea Jade Loves' and when I saw that she had an inflatable rucksack I simply couldn't resist. Earlier that week I had seen 'Made in Chelsea's' Rosie Fortesque tweet out about the Klear Klutch which inspired me to get the clear inflatable rucksack, which was an eBay bargain at just £3.50!

Last Thursday I took my driving test and PASSED FIRST TIME! I have caught the driving bug and I have been wanting to drive everywhere! I hope to go somewhere exciting at the weekend with Anthony as we have been together for a beautiful seven months now. On Sunday I went to go out in the car and I saw a lovely yellow envelope addressed to me poking out the letter box, I opened it to find an amazing Congratulations card from Anthony's family. It made me very smiley!

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  1. Love the clear one, I couldnt find a clear on so i opted for a silver version. x