Sunday, 27 January 2013


I have had 5 exams in the January exam period. Biology Unit 4 and Chemistry Unit 4, as well as 3 retakes. These included: Maths Core 2, Mechanics Unit 1 and Biology Unit 2. I revised super hard and I will hopefully get all the results I need. On the night of the 1st of December I got my final 2 University offers.

Wednesday 14th December

Had Anthony's Nan's 80th Birthday Meal. Which was lovely to get dressed up for. I had the best steak and attempted to teach his Grandad to gangnam style!

Tuesday 25th December

I spent most of Christmas day with my family, Granddad and Anthony. Then the other part with Anthony's family where I had to open all of my gifts in front of a crowd.

Clockwise: Card from Nicola, Peas at Aunties, Tag on 'Wonderstruck' gift, Gemma Correll Jumper from Anthony

Wednesday 26th December

I spent Boxing Day with Anthony's family, we had a lovely dinner and had crackers. These crackers contained racing Santa sleighs. I had a really slow orange one and didn't do very well when racing!

Saturday 29th December

The evening before Anthony's birthday I managed to shut his head in my car door, ow. 29th was Anthony and his Mum's birthday woooo! I got him an orange and black Links of London bracelet.

Clockwise: Porkpie Hat from Anthony's parents, Cath Kidston makeup bag from brother, Slippers, Kindle and Case

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