Saturday, 2 March 2013

early march hapennings...

This is what I look like in March... I found some videos that I took of Anthony and wanted to make some of me to combine into one video. Until I realised that I don't have a video editor- It's the thought that counts!

I have a strange obsession with stationary I love it! I have jars of clips and pegs, notecards and pens all over my desk but, Today I got the coolest stuff. These two Monopoly board notepads and Periodic Table of Elements rubbers! Which are soooo cool, I really struggled with which elements to pick (that sounds so nerdy). I am planning to keep one as a food diary and the other as a normal diary.

I also bought some new pyjamas, these are super cute. They are blue with little watering cans on- They remind me of spring!

When I got back from Italy Mum had put this gorgeous film photography print up in my room. My next door neighbour took this it is an abstract of the railway bridge near our house. 


  1. Your hauls have the most quirky and adorable things! You shop at the best places :)

  2. Those books are the most amazing things, I've ever seen! I need those in my life

    A little bit Unique