Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Half Term

The last 2 weeks were half term and it was simply amazing. The first week was pretty relaxed with a spontaneous trip to the beach on monday 2nd with melly and nic. Then saturday saw a meal with the ex-matafam we ended up sitting in mcdonalds at the end of the evening until they began to close up. Revision occured... in places. The second week was most likely the best I went on a family holiday to Disneyland Paris reliving when I was really small was soooo peculiar. I remembered everything so well I was so very spoilt, I could go through shops and point out everything my parents had bought me on previous occasions. This time however I was old brave enough to go on all of the rides. These included: Space Mountain and Rock'n'Rollercoaster... After I came home from Disney I went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter with my grandad and I majorly geeked out!

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