Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Oscar's Blessing

On Monday I went to a blessing of a family friend Oscar, who is now 1 which was lovely as we were part of a very select group of friends and family (around 20). It was in the local village church which is filled with history. I was asked to photograph the ceremony by the parents, Louise and Kirk which was very exciting! The blessing was rather short with just a few prayers. I love getting dressed up formally to go out so I spent 3 hours in the morning getting ready, I have no idea what took so long as I don't even wear makeup!?

Ready to go.
After the service we returned to the family home for drinks and snacks. Paige is daughter of Louise and Kirk and is 3 and such a sweetie. They have a huge garden where we could play swingball, cricket and go on the swings. The cakes were wonderful!

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