Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Soooo, something awesome happened this weekend. Anthony came home early! I couldn't even make 2 weeks without seeing him, how pathetic. I ate lots of cake in 2 weeks... After getting stuck at the train station  he managed to come home in time to take me out to dinner- how lovely! Anthony always does this thing where he says he will be half an hour then rings my door bell 2 minutes later, cause he's a cutie. On Sunday we went to the cinema to watch 'Looper' which despite being confusing was a really good film! Literally just before the film started Anthony dropped a little bomb by turning to me and going "I'll see you in two weeks..." when I was meant to be seeing him in a month, which was lovely. I just exploded after the film like 'WHAAAAAAAAAT!? :D'. It was a beautiful weekend.

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