Sunday, 8 January 2012


January 2011 I saw the New Year in whilst in Prague visiting my best friend Aneta!

February 2011 I went Skiing for the first ever time in Pila, Italy with my school. It is easily one of the best experiences of my life.

March 2011 I went to a Justin Bieber concert with my friend (sister) Remy and I also went to see Plan B in concert.

April 2011 I tried to play football and ended up on crutches, for the first ever time..

May 2011 I got a perm. I went to Portaventura, Spain with family friends!

June 2011 I had prom, which was also amazing!

July 2011 The day after prom was my 16th Birthday! I started work too!

August 2011 I went to Centre Parcs in Holland. I got my summer GCSE results... 3A*s 5As 2Cs

September 2011 Starter sixth form, It's terrible!

October 2011 I went to a Halloween party as Luna Lovegood(ish)

November 2011 Was pretty silent, How terrible :/ 
December 2011 Matalan Christmas party was hilarious and Christmas was good I got a polaroid camera :D

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