Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I don't know how I feel today to be honest... I am a spoilt child and therefore hate it when my parents say no. They told me I couldn't go out with the girls which made me a little angry inside and I was quiet... I could be out now instead I sat in bed and went all numb so I had to go and have a warm shower to try and get the feeling back into my body, How strange. Today was actually rather interesting for a school day as it was 'Focus Day' and we had a guest speaker Shaun Attwood who managed to keep a blog from inside one of Americas toughest prisons, his stories were shocking and the conditions described were unimaginable but he provided us with a great deal of photographic evidence to aid our wondering minds. Then I had to photograph some dance show rehearsals which was fascinating to watch however the flash on my camera is very poor resulting in some terrible shots :( I need to do a lot of work and once again my motivation has left me so I may de-activiate my Facebook or something... (Who am I kidding....)

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