Tuesday, 10 January 2012


To begin I have my A-level Unit 1 Biology Exam tomorrow and I feel NOTHING, absolutely nothing... should I be scared or worried? Am I being to chilled? Well today I went into town after school and visited some hairdressers about getting my hair dyed. I want it Amy Pond coloured... One place was going to charge me £80 which is awkward, but I managed to save some money by shopping around now i'm only loosing £36.50. What a bargain! They took some of my hair to test and they are also carrying out a skin test! I am so excited I hope it looks nice or my parents will be all funny! This morning I managed to burn my ear in 2 places, I can't see but my maths teacher told me it was blistering- Brilliant. Red hair, Red ear.. Clashing MUCH! My brother is being extra mean today about my appearance does he forget that we share genes? Silly sausage!

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