Friday, 27 January 2012


Thank God it's Friday... Cliché I know... Photography coursework deadline is in 10 days but I am pretty chilled. I have an amazing weekend ahead I am currently waiting for my beautiful friend Bea to come over for tea and a girlie catch up. I have work from 9-1 tomorrow morning which is always pleasant as I can see everyone!!! Then I can see my Grandad and go and spend the evening with my friend Sarita at her house with Kayleigh, Chloe, Vicki and Jess! So exciting :) I haven't been to a sleepover in a while.. Today 
I was put on a bit of a downer by a senior member of management telling me I have to do something about my hair colour, I returned to maths class cursing her much to my teachers amusement! <3

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