Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I wanted a blog so I can think about my feelings and attempt to remember how I feel at times, Last night I skipped Tea for open evening I went to Sainsbugs with some friends and got a small salad which consisted of apple slices, grapes and croutons. I'm eating very little, I skipped breakfast and I haven't eaten my packed lunch. I had a Starbucks with Chloe.

Currently up in my bedroom I can hear my Family watching something with the surround sound on, This makes me sad as tonight I was supposed to be watching a film with my Mum. At the moment I am skipping Tea and attempting mechanics homework. Earlier I had a 2 hour phonecall with Matt which was very funny I tried to tell him about everything going on in my head (not alot to be honest...) He played music and sang down the phone.

I feel a bit pale and ill as I have had my hair up all day and no makeup on just wearing jeans and a hoodie to school, I walked home in the rain which most likely didn't help!

What is wrong with me recently!?

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