Thursday, 24 May 2012

My worst nightmare

Yesterday was Wednesday and my mother went to see Westlife at the O2 and Dad went to watch a film, leaving Sammy and I on our own! As soon as they left we had Nicki Minaj on full blast and a pizza in the oven. We then sat down with a milkshake and watched 'Grown Ups', I stayed up late knowing that I could have a lie in before my exam at 1.30... I couldn't sleep because the weather has been so hot for the last 2 days! The first thing I woke up to was the house phone ringing, Who would be ringing at 9am? Only the examinations officer and my school telling my mother that my C2 Maths exam has just begun and I am not there... I have never left bed quicker in my life. I didn't eat or shower or anything... Literally grabbed my calculator and pen and ran to the car and managed to get to school 7 minutes later. Not cool. I ran to the Gym in my flip flops and got to my seat which was right at the front and started 15 minutes after everyone else. I opened the first page sitting like a zombie with my eyes partially stuck together from my hayfever to find it was a binomial expansion... However I was pleased that I had the rest of the day free! I went to the beach with Anthony and his friends which was simply hilarious we sat in the dunes with a BBQ and went in the sea :D
Revision notes on the kitchen window :)

Sammy and I- Watching a film
Cheeky sand dune..

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