Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bad times.

My first exam is in six days. Just six. That is less than a week. I've been losing sleep worrying... I went down stairs in my PJs in the early hours to find Dad still working away downstairs we sat and chatted he got his diary out and we scheduled revision days. He knows how to put my mind at rest. My first 2 exams are on the same day at the same time, Could really do with a working Timeturner right now... I just have to sit the Maths Core paper then the Mechanics paper one after the other. A lovely 3 hours of maths in one go, Always pleasant. Also year 11 muckup day is the same day as my first 2 exams, I hope they aren't too noisy. I miss my friends, my school friends. It makes me sad that I always turn down an opportunity to go out, Which is my fault I guess... After exams I hope to have a Jubilee BBQ and we can all catch up! My bunny watch came in the post today!
Things coming up soon: XFactor Live Auditions, Lounge in the Paddock, Jubilee BBQ...

MONDAY- Revising Mechanics with Anthony

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