Saturday, 11 February 2012


I felt so much on Friday it was a bit of a roller-coaster day. To begin I had double photography, A lesson which I am still uncertain of my feelings towards. Something happened to cause one of my friends to be upset and I was angry at the person who did this and so stormed to mentor. As soon as I entered the classroom door to Mentor Period my Mentor immediately asked me if I was okay, I was shocked that my anger was so obvious. She asked me if I wanted to sit and have a moan with her, She listened well and it was exactly what I needed. During this lesson I also received my report which I was content with myself however I was concerned that my parents may not be. THEN the valentines post came, A girl walked in with some small 'Everlasting Rose' bouquets. 'There is only one for this class...' She announced. Followed by my name. I can't imagine the ugly, confused facial expression that I must of been pulling at the time! I accepted the flowers and then proceeded to read the card, 'Charlotte From Melissa'. This caused me to laugh hysterically in front of the entire class- My day had been made. The thought of Mel sending me roses from her school to mine in the Valentines post was simply hilarious!

I had been looking forward to this day ever since it had been planned, Nicola and Mel had meant to be coming over for quite some time. They are both just so funny. My Dad set up an old tele in my room especially for the occasion. We sat and watched Glee Live and well as Harry Potter Part 2 while eating stupid amounts of pizza and ice-cream on my bed. Nicola was also very helpful bringing a variety of sketchbooks and other such things which I found so very inspiring as some amazing artist links, I am so pleased and grateful!

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