Wednesday, 15 February 2012


It's half term, I should be really happy about this but it is a little short! Monday and Tuesday I spent at Joshua's doing lots of lots of homework and film watching. We watched, Shrek 1, 2 and 3, Lion King and Valentines Day. Then Today I woke up and chilled for a bit, My parents left the house and gave me only one job. The only thing I had to do all day. Receive a parcel that required a signature. It was nearly 12.00 and I was in desperate need of a shower, I couldn't sit in my pajamas's all day. I phoned my dad to ask permission to shower, He agreed however we were both convinced that the postman would come while I couldn't hear the door. I had a lovely warm shower, scrubbed my face and washed my hair (Quickly, Of course). I then walked across the landing and saw one of those UGLY, HORRIBLE, IRRITATING, red royal mail slips by the front door. I actually could have cried. I waited up all morning and in the 20 minutes I had gone the guy came :( I then decided to walk to the Garden Centre I can't stand being in all day, It was rather a long walk I have to say however I managed to pick up a few things for my photography work. My mother picked me up from there and took me to my Aunties, She makes me laugh lots. She let me make myself a hot chocolate with a giant cup and whipped cream on top, It was so very yummy.

On the way home from there I stopped off at work to give Nicola her Valentines cookies because she is so very cute :D
More Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom.

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