Saturday, 4 February 2012


Today I had work... I love work, This Saturday was no different. Well.. Actually to begin I was waiting outside the backdoor for almost 15 minutes in -4 degrees and wearing nothing but my uniform. Then I came home and my mother dyed my hair because I got it cut yesterday and it revealed some very patchy dye. So we fixed that :D Then I went out for tea at the local pub with my family friends it was rather funny as always. THEN (the best part) It actually started to snow rather heavily and we have just walked home through the woods in it!! :)

My new hair and top from bluewater!


  1. mega love your hair. <3
    i will be posting comments all the time now...
    and trying to blog more. <3

  2. It fades so quickly, Crazy! I managed to change the settings! I am so nosey I love reading what people get up to! :P (Does that sound stalkerish?)