Sunday, 5 February 2012


Sunday is officially the worst day of the week, The idea of doing nothing drives me completely insane! I haven't really been out properly I have had far too much to do, Photography coursework is very important I would really like to get an A in it (All of my subjects to be honest) I need to stay motivated by my uni dreams. I am listening to Hairspray which never fails to bring me joy I am feeling happy although the way I am sitting to do my work is doing very little for my posture, Nor helping my feet because they have gone numb. Today has seen lots of snow which is pleasant in small doses but highly distracting when I have a mountain of work to do.. But so is blogger for that matter. I have found some interesting Photography blogs to stalk... I have kinda vowed to myself not to straighten my hair for a while as I am damaging it enough with the dye, Although it will be frizzy and fez looking! Oh well I LOVE the colour. Things are exciting Daddy said that when Mel and Nicola come over he can set up a telly in my bedroom so we can watch movies and stuff like Harry Potter! Today he was uber nice we managed to clear the hill of snow so he went out and got me sweets to help me with my work :P All this schoolwork makes me gain weight by eating crap! Just re-read this this is what is going on in my mind, Just skipping from thought to thought- It's funny.

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