Monday, 27 February 2012

Friday, Saturday, Monday

Friday: Had Mel and Nicola over which is always a laugh. Took some pictures and conducted interviews which I filmed for my photography. I keep watching them back because they are really interesting. Talking about the future! We then watched HSM2 which was humorous.

Saturday: This was simply amazing I went up to London in the morning and watched Red Dog at Vue cinema, I cried it was such a sad film. We then met up with some other members of my family and had a really good meal it was like pub food but really yummy! Then the final and best event of the day was going to see Ghost the Musical at Picadilly Theatre another musical to tick off my list! It was amazing, especially the effects they were mega awesome!

Monday: Ella picked me up in the broom broom at lunch with Nic and we went for Chinese. Then I had to run back to school! YAY!

Looking plastic, In London.

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