Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Wednesday is often one of my favourite days! I hardly have any school and often get to see Mel. Today however, I got to see Mel, Nicola and Ella :D I had such an amazingly-awesome-super-day... Firstly Mel picked me up from school (This is becoming a trend), I absolutely love driving in her car we also have such a laugh with our loud music and continuous cursing of the surrounding motorists!!

Then we arrived in town and managed to get lost in the underground carpark and after this we managed to visit Starbucks, a Wednesday tradition of my own. Mel treated me to a drink as she owes me.. However she ordered me a VENTI. Which is extra large- just imagine the calories. Here I met Nicola and Ella also. It was a rather busy day and after drinking we moved on to try out the new Nando's, I have never been to Nando's before- EVER. It's scrumptious (and spicy, apparently).

We were still not satisfied so we then continued to go bowling, I like buying parking tickets it makes me feel special. I have kept one from today it's yellow and pretty! I came third, out of four that is rather depressing... I was more content with taking lots of pictures of our beautiful faces!

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