Monday, 20 February 2012


Back to school today, Life is pretty amazing! I am so excited about photography at the moment. I have been so inspired recently...The exam theme is Meetings, Experiences and Encounters- Something that once evoked fear  for me. I have decided to focus mainly on the word 'Meetings' and document people that play a key role in my life. I am also considering the idea of youth and themes such as the future. Encouraging my models to consider possible meetings, experiences and encounters in later life. I plan to explore their personalities through images presented alongside text in an interview format. My teacher says that she is pleased that more of my personality is coming through in my new exam pad! I am so very excited. Yesterday I had a small photo shoot as I thought it would be appropriate to consider my own personality before discovering others. I will include some of the images.

My bedroom when messy.

Me and my decorated window.

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  1. i like these photos.
    i am excited for my photo shoot and interview.