Friday, 2 March 2012


Finally Friday, Good week! On monday I had to deliver my house captain speech I was so nervous! As soon as I got up there it was fine although I was scared of talking too fast. People liked it though so I am pleased. On Thursday I met Anthony at the library and did some Maths work which was really really helpful, Then we munched out on Magnums (Iceland's Own). Today was good I found out the prefect results for my house! Tonight I am planning to go out with friends, I really want to hear more about Ella's Thailand trip, She is so lucky to go travelling. After this week I am feeling rather tired I have had 3 mini tests in the last part of the week. I am working from 9-5 tomorrow, I am pleased I have more hours this means that I can save to buy festival tickets me me and my friend from Prague- Aneta! We went to this mini festival for a day last year it was really enjoyable hopefully this year we can stay for the entire weekend!

Aneta and I last year :)

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