Thursday, 8 March 2012


I love having a busy day to day life it gives a massive rush, and I am always so happy. There is nothing I like better than seeing my friends and going out spontaneously. I look forward to nothing better. Yesterday didn't let me down... I finish school really early on Wednesday and it is a mission every week to occupy the time. This Wednesday I made plans with Nicola and Ella! After a long and humorous phone call with Nic Ella came to pick me up from school and we decided to all go to satisfy our hunger for Wagamama... It was raining but I was wrapped up in my little yellow Fisherman's raincoat. We munched out immediately and walked around lots until we settled in Cafe Nero. Before this we managed to buy Mel's 18th birthday present. I really want to explain it on here however I must fight this urge for fear of her stalking this post.
Photo from Ella's iPhone.
We then decided we had better be leaving after around 4 hours and after paying a massive parking price we got comfy in the car ready to leave home! Ella's car thought it would be hilarious not to start. For half an hour. Nicola and I attempted to push it around the car park, Which I have to admit we became rather good at however this was not an ideal way to get home. We then tried again without much luck until finally it just happened... So we continued home! I manged to spend £50 half of which was on 2 new jumpers!
Here is one of my jumpers.

Today is now Thursday and it is results day for my AS modular exams. I was beginning to get worried so I couldn't eat breakfast. They come in these horrible envelopes that are brown and fishy-smelling and they are all lined up on tables in alphabetical order. I soon found mine and stood holding for a while scared of what it might reveal about my balance of work and play. I managed to get an A in Biology and a B in Chemistry I am really pleased as I was expecting the worst however I feel I could improve a little more in chemistry. However getting an A in a subject I want to continue in further education is truly brilliant! I managed to clear a backlog of things I needed to post today by visiting the post office and using the cool stamp machine thing. Aneta should be expecting a valentines letter a little late! I then quickly found Ella and Mel in Starbucks for a ten minute catch up, Ella did well too in results!! Now I have returned home to catch up with photography work.

Busy, Busy, Busy, Happy, Happy, Happy.

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