Saturday, 31 March 2012


Nicola at our Picnic
First day of the Easter holidays! No chance of a lie in... I had work at nine but I don't mind- I love being there! The weather has suddenly taken a terrible step backwards and it has become colder. On Thursday I had a social burst and it was brilliant I walked into town to meet Nicola which I needed as I wasn't having a good day at school she was very happy :-) We stocked up on food then got picked up in the Mellymobile and went to a field and sat down. It was so amusing as Mel was dressed in her PJs from school... Standard.
Timi, Me and Casey- Muse Awards 2012
 Thursday evening I was photographing the Muse Awards at school which is where they award people for outstanding achievements in Art subjects for a variety of categories. It was a lovely well organised night!