Monday, 26 March 2012


I am shockingly happy for a Monday, It is so lovely and sunny today! I had a Chemistry mock today, It didn't go that well.. There were around 20 marks on something that I didn't revise. I did loads of revision sheets though.. Then I had a Biology retake paper thing but I wasn't too worried I was retaking to try and improve my 'A' grade anyway. I finished really early so I got to leave and have an early lunch out in the sun on comfy common room chairs...
Jo and I sunning ourselves.
 Home life has been really good too! Mum has been doing lots of baking and my parents have commented recently on how I have been really mature and happy all the nice, Which is really nice to hear!
On Saturday I had Mel's 18th Birthday meal, which was so very lovely. Mel's friends are all really nice and absolutely hilarious. I sat next to Nicola, and opposite Anthony from work it was a giggle. I managed to eat a main meal and dessert for £8 what a bargain! Everyone was talking and giggling and I got to wear my new dress. Nicola, Ella and I got Mel a Build-a-bear for her 18th and we made it look like her! I had work on Sunday and I left Nicola some nice home made biscuits for her to find on Monday morning! <3
Nicola, Mel, Mini Mel, Me

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